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7 hours            moderate fitness level            vegetarian/vegan options


You have to play and get great bonuses in lucky pharao online spielen here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich. This is our signature full day tour in and around Kampot and combines our passion for this beautiful region and its delicious cuisine. Even though it is a fairly small town, Kampot has a lot to offer to visitors and we want to make sure that you get to see the places you are most interested in. To this end, we have created a list of our favourite spots in and around Kampot’s lush countryside that will allow you to experience the traditional way of life in southern Cambodia.

When planning your own, personalised tour you can choose 2-3 locations from our list and we will then create your unique and individualised tour program for the day.

After a 3 to 4 hour tour around Kampot’s beautiful countryside on a traditional Cambodian Tuk-Tuk, we will return to town and you will learn how to prepare delicious Khmer dishes yourself. We will buy all the ingredients we need together at the market and you can choose from a range of recipes what you would like to cook.

You are a vegetarian or vegan or would simply like to learn how to cook vegetarian/vegan? No problem. We love to create new, surprising dishes all the time and have some amazing vegetarian and vegan recipes we would love to share with you.

The following spots and sites are included in our list of tour stops for you to choose from – please note that some may not be available in the rainy or dry season. When you make your booking we will let you know which spots will work best for you at that time.

Organic vegetable farm – we love this small farm just outside of Kampot where a local family defies current trends and still cultivates all of its vegetables organically. It’s a stunning sight to see this little garden of Eden in the midst of endless green rice fields and we love to support the family by taking our visitors there and support a sustainable way of life with our tours.

Palm sugar village – you’ve probably seen a lot of the palm sugar juice carts on your travels but this is an entirely different experience. In this tiny village near Kampot, you can learn how palm sugar is harvested from its plants and get a hands-on experience by helping the local community in the laborious process.

Fruit farm – similar to the organic vegetable farm, this farm is a must-see for all lovers of fresh, exotic fruit. Kampot may be renowned for its durian production, but this small farm has a lot more to offer! Depending on the season you can help harvest and taste different fruits you have probably never heard of before!

Pulled noodle village – another favourite of ours is this traditional village outside of Kampot renowned for its fresh pulled noodles. Learn the step-by-step process of making delicious rice noodles and be amazed by what a delicious dish you can create with such simple food.

Pepper plantations – Kampot is, deservedly, famous for its pepper plantations – it is said that the world’s best pepper is grown here. We will take you to a local pepper farm and, wandering amidst the endless rows of green pepper plants, our knowledgeable partner will share with you the secrets that make Kampot’s pepper so unique.

Salt fields – these vast fields are absolutely stunning in the rainy season. Vast fields of dry land are flooded with water from the nearby sea and left to evaporate in the sun so as to extract the precious salt from it. We’ll show you how the process works and you can even get your hands wet and form your own little piles of fresh sea salt on the fields.

Whiskey village – this village is a great stop for all lovers of authentic and unique alcoholic drinks and everyone else too. Learn how this local variety of Whiskey is being distilled and join the local community for a drink.

All of our Cuisine and Countryside Tours start with a traditional Khmer breakfast and a tour around the local market. Enjoy the vibrant bustle of this colourful place and experience a unique shopping experience. Together we’ll go around the market and find the best, fresh produce for our cooking class later.

Let us know what your interests and preferences are and we will create your own, personalised tour for you away from the usual tourist spots, so you can experience the traditional Cambodian way of life with us.


This tour starts at 9am and ends at around 4pm.


Minimum number of participants – 2 people.

Maximum number of people in a group – 6 people.


Cost of the tour includes:

  • transportation
  • cooking class
  • breakfast
  • refreshments
  • lunch