7 hours            moderate fitness level            No vegetarian/vegan options


This exclusive full-day tour is all about the local marine life: taste and learn how to cook amazing fresh seafood and learn all about the local fishing communities! This tour takes you to one of our favourite places near Kampot: Fish Island! Just a few miles south of Kampot across the river, many visitors still often miss it and its unique character.

Fish Island is special as its community is almost entirely made up of the Cham ethnic minority. The Cham people, most of whom live in Cambodia today, have a long and difficult past in Southeast Asia and live mostly in communities separated from other Cambodians. A lot of them have specialised themselves in fishery and are superbly skilled fishermen and -women. Offering responsible and inclusive tourism is important to us, and we want to show our visitors all different sides of Cambodia, so we love taking our guests to this beautiful island.

On Fish Island we visit different small fishermen villages and you will get a chance to get a glimpse of what the local population’s daily lives are like. The daily market, where we buy our fresh seafood for our cooking class, is a wonderful marvel of vibrant colours, freshly caught fish and seafood and a never-ending bustle of people. The local fishermen are always happy to meet visitors and will answer all the questions you might have about what their work and lives are like.

Back in our kitchen in Kampot, we will show you how to prepare the fresh seafood and prepare delicious Khmer and fusion dishes. We buy all the other ingredients we need together at the market in the morning and you can choose from a range of recipes what you would like to cook.


This tour starts at 9am and ends at around 4pm.


Minimum number of participants – 2 people.

Maximum number of people in a group – 6 people.


Cost of the tour includes:

  • transportation
  • breakfast
  • refreshments
  • lunch