A message from Soon

Dear friends,

I’m calling on all my dear friends, family and community to help me make my dream happen.

My next big step in life is to create the Fish Island Community Arts Centre – this will be the first of its kind in rural Cambodia where there is little opportunity of meaningful work and life opportunities for the many poor and disadvantaged. My dream is to change this by sharing our wonderful arts and culture and creating a new restaurant to continue to teach and train the women of my own community.

With the support of family and friends, I have bought land and started work on a site to make the Fish Island Arts Centre an inspirational new social enterprise through which big opportunities can reach into the community as well as attract international visitors and welcome people from around the world.

My plan is to start work with a purpose-built restaurant on-site. By opening the restaurant first, it means immediate employment for my staff at KAMA and allows us to build out from there – the Fish Island Community Arts Centre. This is a long-term vision and forward-looking project that reaches well into the future and builds positive community development through arts, cuisine & culture – also, it’s right in the middle of the fishing and farming community on Try Koh (Fish Island) where I also was born and raised.

Dear friends, I am now calling on you to be part of our story, to help make something that not only supports me and my own work but is an inspirational facility for an entire community and reaches into the next generations of young Cambodian women. Please join my campaign and together we can bring life-changing arts opportunities into my provincial Cambodia. Together we can make this BIG beautiful DREAM happen and we make the world a better place for all of us!

Please visit:
Kek Soon’s Fish Island Community Arts Centre campaign

Much love,

Kek Soon​